Cardas Neutral Ref Speaker Cable Upgraders

I am currently using Cardas Nuetral Ref speaker cable with Kimber's Select top of the line interconnects. My system sounds fantastic but my addiction has me always wanting more... I am looking for a speaker cable that provides: razor sharp imaging, deep and wide soundstage, dark black background, natural sounding teble and mids, tight bass and no restriction on dynamics. I know this is probably everyones dream but has anyone found something close. Your input is much appreciated!!
Asmith- Depends on your budget. I am currently running Cardas Golden Reference and ordered new interconnects last week and new speaker cables are on the horizon :) I decided going with Jena Labs symphony interconnects and twin 15 speaker cables. They are the most reasonibly priced cables that offer truly great performance-if something doesn't sound right in your system it is not the cables it is something else. They sound like music, others to consider are Tara-the one, and the zero; Trasnparent Opus, Nordost Valhalla(sounds VERY similar to jena). I would start with interconnects first and then maybe try speaker cables, from my experience your speaker cables are pretty good and the interconnects seem to be the weaker of two. It would help also if we knew what you are running for gear, if you are running a SET amp and horn drivers then my advice will be worthless :) if not

Goertz Alpha-Core - 30 day free trial direct from Alpha-Core. Best I've heard in my system, I'm running the MI2's.
Ahhh, Asmith, at one point I had Neutral Ref throughout, enjoyed them, good presence, PRaT, and they do sound good with certain setups. I also had Kimber Select throughout (1020 and 3035), as well as Golden Ref. I eventually found the Neutral Ref rolled off at the extreme's, and just wanted more inner detail that I knew my system could deliver; that is what led me to auditioning various wires for extended periods of time.

I found all that you seek; every point your asking for, for just the same reasons and needs as yourself, with Tg Audio wires. It is a huge upgrade for me, less "nervousa", more music; more detail, better seperation, much blacker background....... dynamic, and neuanced,.... Inner detail galore, much more palpable. More present, but not forward (unless your componentry sounds forward). "You're there" on a decent recording, and "they are here" on the worst. I was prepared to spend a bundle if neccessary, but the Tg Audio wires just smoked everything I had through here. Bob break's them in, so you don't have to do the 1-4 month rollercoaster of pain and nervousa that most wires seem to impose, and that I had to endure. I honestly haven't been listening to my setup anymore; I have been listening to A LOT of music. And buying more music as a result!

Now, I didn't hear the Jena Labs, or Siltech. I bet these are viable options as well. HEll my amps are wired with Jena. But as far as wires go, especially speaker cables, Tg Audio does it for me.
Thanks for the great responses already!! Here is my current gear: McCormack DNA-1 Rev A upgrade amp, BAT VK5i preamp, Meridian 508.20 CD, Kimber 1030 and 1130 interconnects, Hales Revelation II speakers, Audio Prism Power Foundation III, Van Den Hul Power cords.
May I point you to a brand new review of HMS cables by one of my customers at the cable forum at:

He is convinced that he has found the exact cable you are looking for:


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Tekunda-Have you yet compared the Jena Labs cables to your self acclaimed HMS? I recall a thread not to long ago where this was addressed-and I haven't heard any results from your agreed shoot out, or if it was even happening. If need be I will post a link to that thread to make others aware, but I'd rather not unless of course you would like me to? I have NO affiliation with any companies and pay full retail like everyone else, I am strictly a consumer. I can get at least a 10 members here who will vouch for the Jena cables-also all consumers- so I am not the only one.
Try auditionning the Siltech Emperor. This may put a stop to your quest. Add a pair of Compass Lake interconnects and you should be pleased... If you are still not satisfied,send the cables to me. I will be happy to receive your donation...

Of course, the spaeker cables and ICs will be more expensive than your whole setup... But that's a different story...

On a serious note, I don't think you will ever find such a perfect cable, you probably still wouldn't be satisfied... You would still perceive the coloration of your electronics...

I approach cables as a tuning or tweaking element more than anything else.

Of course this is my own opinion...

One brand of cable which has really blown me away with its performance to price ration is StageIII Concepts. This stuff is literally hand crafted. every inch, every one! They are a silver conductor utilizing an air dielectric. Check them out at, they work well with all types of gear. No need for the typical silver cable stereotypes with this stuff. Not just for tube gear. It is very detailed yet natural with out any harshness. Check it out.

Nordost Valhalla: you won't look back!