Cardas Neutral Ref IC v Cross IC Sonic traits??

I wondering what the difference is between the Cardas Neutral Ref and the Cardas Cross IC? I have the NR and know what that sounds like but what does the Cross sound like.?? Thanks,Keith
It's how the cable's are manufactured, the Reference would sound a little warmer. Check out The Cardas site explaining their construction.
au contrare.... I hear Neutral Ref as the most neutral sounding of their cables....maybe that's why they named it Neutral Ref.... In my experience with Cardas, my system doesn't like any Cardas cable at all.
The differece is whatever your ears perceive, not what another poster hears or writes.

Cables are system and listener dependent; the chance of somebody here having the same components, room, and listening preferences as you are somewhere between slim and none. are right. What I am saying is that people should experiment and find the right cable for themselves. Even though Cardas is recommended by Ayre, I heard results in my system, that were poor at best. You know that I am a professional musician and am around real music in real time all the time. Music breathes, is effortless, is open and pure....what I heard with Cardas was not.
What you hear and prefer is not necessarily what somebody else prefers. Or is right. Or is wrong. Or is better. Or is worse. All that matters is what you, me or he chooses.

I could care less about what you do for a living. It's immaterial.

I hear dozens of more components than you on a monthly basis; does that make me a better listener?

Perhaps, but maybe not.