Cardas Neutral Ref.

it sounds to good to be true, speaker cables and rca interconnects that sound the same at all lengths, has anyone run in to problems with long lengths, how does it sound in your system?
I just bought a pair of 8 ft bi-wires. It does sound very neutral. Don't know about how longer lengths sound, but the dealer I bought them from says it's true, and he is very reputable. Don't look for these cables to add warmth or any cable induced sonics. Your system and it's inherent characteristics will determine whether you like them or not.
I am using NR biwire speaker cables and have used the interconnects. They are fast, nuetral and quiet. I agree with Glenro. They will not "tune" your system. I have used the Cross, and heard the Golden Cross Speaker cables. I prefer the Nuetral Reference.
31' between sf line 3 and power 2. after any movement occurs with the cable it seems to require a few days to settle down to rid itself of some static popping that is infrequent, say every hour a pop tick will occur. otherwise the cable is very transparnet in the system. good luck!
I guess my real question is is there anything to be lost in running long speaker cable lengths of this stuff, is this the magic cable that will allow me to place all my equipment on the far side of the room or in a closet?