Cardas lightning 15 vs. Wireworld gold starlight 5

I have read very little on both these cables... The wireworld seems to have less info than the cardas comparisons that I can find anyway on the net right now...
I did see something on the older wireworld starlight III I think, says very excellent cable but shy in the bass.. and Of course the Cardas always gets pretty heavy bass reviews.
It looks like the wireworld is a superior in cost and material due to being silver vs. the cardas being a copper cable and of course the pricing reflects this.
Any comments on whether the wireworld is a bit smoother but thinner?
I did talk with a dealer that sells both, and they have done a test with Projection HDTV and used 3 of the wireworlds vs. 3 of the cardas lighning 15 on the component video jacks and found the wireworld simply passed a far cleaner digital signal, with way more vibrant color, smoother video edge, darker blacks etc.. Again the silver would reflect this, however we are talking Audio digital signal so I would like some more ideas if the wireworld stays as musical and not too steril sounding. This dealer I spoke with is a home theater install place so obviously I can't go too much on which one sounds better, so I came here.. Yes I can try them both, however its tuff to break in these sucker with 400 hours to quickly so I want to see if anyone has comments.

As of now I do not have as much interest in the cables I have, so please don't recommend them.. Bolder digital, and VH audio. Thanks
Sorry not to be able to reply directly to your question.

I had a 0.5m GS 5 and loved it, but a 1.5m length of another one ( you don't want to read about it ) beat the GS.

UHF Magazine says the relatively inexpensive Atlas Opus is even better than their previous reference, the WW GS 5:

(Scroll down to the bottom.)
I have a Cardas Lightening for sale if you want it - I'm sure we can come up with a reasonable to both of us price. Stan SgreenT@Att.Net
Stringreen, Is it a Lightning 15 or the standard lightning? Well I appreciate the offer, however I can get either brand new thru a local dealer for 150.00.. The Starlight 5 is a 500 dollar cable regular, and the cardas is a 233.00 regular. The starlight is a special deal so I know nobody can match that, however for the used ligtning 15 the best I would do is 100 shipped with payment thru paypal, I realize cardas cables hold resonable used value, and I would prefer one broken in vs. New of course, but mainly I can try both and return, so I guess the deal would need to be very cheap money to make me buy it.
how does the sounds different between Lightning 15 and standard Lightning??
Currently I have the Wireworld Gold Eclipse 5 (1.5 m). I had the Cardas Lightning 15 once, but sold it after a while. I think the main sonic difference between the two is transparency and tonal balance. The Wireworld Gold Eclipse has greater transparency and better tonal balance (less bass heavy). The Cardas has a smaller soundstage than the Wireworld. Do you know what is also very good? The Pure Note Paragon Enhanced. I have a 1.5 m XLR version that is near mint for a very attractive price.

Okay, actually I used the Wireworld Starlight 5 for a couple of days, very nice, most neutral cable possible... Not a hint of edge, it was one of the smoothest most extended sounding ever for sure..
However I had to try the cardas as well.. Okay bottom line the Cardas is the most Musical involving and yes has little heavier weight to it, but i sounds far more intricate, and had a Bigger soundstage with the vast deepness in my opinion. It has a bit tame midrange, but all details are still there, not just jumping out like the wireworld, but all there just the same and pefectly nestled into the center of the music. It has extreme 3 d blissful sound, the Wireworld had a more tight held in the middle soundfield, the cardas just expanded more beyond the walls of the room..
Either really better? I think this comes down to taste, the cardas is a FIREHOSE at about 3 times the thickness, and bigger than most 12 gauge or even 10 gauge power cords, it is a killer cable for the price I paid.. Both of these were better cables than what they replaced in the Eichman silver bullet boulder cable.

To be better at explaining this, well the Cardas was what your best Tube amps or preamps sound like, and wireworld is more of what excellent balanced solid state sounds like. I found the Cardas less picky and more resolving with more listener appeal in the long run.. Just musical right off the bat, and always rich and full with plenty of sharp and dynamic details present, but in a tubelike way, vs right up front in your face.