Cardas Hexlink Golden Five : IC with RCA

I recently got these ( used) Cardas Hexlink Golden Five IC with RCA connectors ( 5 mt long ) . They have a loose wire ( about 9 inches Long with Lug type end connector ) joined at each RCA connector . It looks like for earthing or Ground connection. But I am not sure . Can anyone advise me as to what I should do with this loose wire ? Where do I connect it ? If I do not connect it to anywhere , and just leave it loose , will that be still OK ?
Sounds like you have a phono cable. The extra wire is a grounding wire. You can just. Leave it unconnected if you are using this as a regular interconnect. I wouldn't cut the wire as you could sell it later as a phono cable.
Yes, sounds like a very long phono cable. I would take a picture of the cable and send it to Cardas and ask for their comments. I never seen or heard of Hex5C with a grounding wire, but you never know.
Thanks guys .
I asked Cardas and they also tell me they never made Hexlink Golden Five (mine is not 5C)IC with such grounding wire. So they also asked for a picture which I will give them today. They also said it could be custom terminated outside Cardas.
On the Terminals of my IC , it says , " custom terminated by Kip Dobler and The Silent Terminators"
Whatever final report I get from Cardas I will post here for
others to know .
While still waiting to get reply from Cardas technical support , I connected my preamp to amp using these ICs , leaving the earth or ground wires unconnected . There system works perfectly fine , no issues .
I got feedback from Cardas Technical support saying that :
" These look authentic. We must have custom terminated them many years ago.

The flying ground lead is an optional ground. I recommend not using it unless you have a ground loop. "