Cardas Hexlink 5C speakercables?

I have been offered a 12 feet set of Cardas Hexlink 5C speakercables in good condition. I don't know much of the Cardas cables. Perhaps a freindly person would help me with stating a value on them? I need both new price and what they are worth as used at this time. Thanks for your time!
On Audioreview, one guy paid $150 and another paid $200.
It looks like that is for new cables.
12ft -- the length alone may not be the "perfect" solution. The wires are about 10/11 years old.( Hexlink came out first the "c" was added in 91-thereabouts) If it were me,I'd be looking to score a shorter length / of maybe a newer model. I had these in a similar length; and biwired/ A single run of a different cable 1/3rd the price,(only 5ft) sounded, /actually better.(6years latter) Your circumstances may be different.Can't remember the price when new/as I also bought the ics and got a package deal.I'm sure they were at least a grand /maybe more.
Great cable, competitive with anything, bit warm
Worth 500-700.