Cardas Hexlink 5 series any good?

I have an opportunity to buy a used set for around $250 for 10-footers. But, I can't audition them. I could find little info on the older Hexlink Cardas 5 series, just on the newer Hexlink 5-C. Worth trying at the price? If they don't work out, can I likely get my money back? Other cables are Kimber 8TC's: not bad, but I wanted to give something else a shot and see how they sound.
Try the Paul Speltz anit cables at less than half the price and give you as much or more performance ( read the reviews ) than the cables your inquiring about....
Cardas Hexlink 5: VERY good
Just not the current 'fashion'
I've had the Hexlink Golden 5-C's in bi-wire for 13 years in my system through many speaker changes, I like Cardas speaker cables more than their interconnects YMMV.

They are very musical and need time to settle in like anything else, Cardas really is an excellent company.
They are great cables. A great buy, I doubt you will be sorry, and should have no trouble selling them if you want a different flavor. They exude full, rich dynamic transparency....not bad things. Jeff
I use the Cardas Hexlink 5 series for both speakers and interconnects. They are VERY NICE. I actually went back to them after trying the Cardas Golden Cross. The Golden Cross was excellent, but in my system, the Hexlink 5 was just better sounding.