Cardas GR Biwired to double binding post

Hi All,

Just a quick question. I have a set of Cardas GR biwire cables. I'm changing over to Dynaudio speakers which have two binding post only. Can I use these cables on these speakers. Cables are terminated with spades. I was just thinking of puting both + (high / low) on the postive terminal and the same with the negative cable.

Would this work ok. Presume it would same just the same as a normal run of GR cable.

Your thoughts please.

Disclaimer: Dynaudio and Cardas Dealer

Hello - the biwire cables can be stacked but it is not optimum. Also, depending on the Dynaudio model, you may have trouble stacking the spades if your speakers are a Dynaudio model which have the clear protective covers.

We can facilitate return and retirmination to single wire to Cardas.

Thank you
It might not be the optimal solution,but I don't see anything wrong with what you want to do.Then again,I'm not a dealer looking for your money.Good luck.
My experience is stacking sounded better then using one of the biwire sets.

More powerful bass and greater stage size.

This was not cardas wire however.

Simply run one set and put electrical tape over the spades not in use. Then stack and compare the sound. See how both set-up's sound in your system.
Thanks all for your feed back.

The dynaudios are confidence 5 and they have very large binding post so stacking the spades should not be a problem.

My thoughts are much the same as everyones here. IF you stack them they will be getting the full use of the entire wire so it should be the as buying a normal run of the cable. Only weakness I can see would be with the spades them selves?

Tpreaves - Dan of Dedicated Audio is one of the most reputable dealers I have worked with. Suggesting that he is out to take someones money and nothing more is malicious and irresponsible. It sounded to me like he was simply offering the solution of re-termination, which should be seriously considered. This is always done directly with Cardas so the dealer makes zero profit from the transaction.
Free_radical-I wasn't suggesting anything about Dan, Dedicated Audio or anyone else.If you took my post as such,you are seriously mistaken sir/madam.I was simply offering an opinion on the posters situation,which is what he/she asked for.Suggesting that I was doing anything else is malicious and irresponsible.
Monster used to have adaptors so that you could plug a spade connector into them and the other end was a banana.

I have done this and it works.
You plug the "high"wires into the Monster spade adaptors and leave the Lows as spades.

You then plug a spade into the speaker and tighten it down, and the banana end into the banana part of the speaker terminal.

So your speaker would be using both the spade and banana hookups.