Cardas Golden VS. Kimber Select

Can the guys that have used both Cardas Golden Cross or Golden Reference and at sometime either switched to the Kimber Select line or visa-versa give an explanation of why you did what you did and what you changed from and how it affected your system? I'm trying to narrow it down between these two and these two ONLY. Right now I'm running Cardas Golden Cross with an Accuphase P-450 power amp, C-275V preamp, a DP-75V CD player and have Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Grand Concert Speakers. Thanks!
Hi Jackofspeed,

I use the Cardas Golden Reference ic`s, pc`s, and speaker cables as well as Golden Cross. Also, have the full line of Kimber Select copper, hybrids, and silver ic`s, Kimber power cords, and Kimber Bi Focal XL speaker cables. Love the sound from both the Cardas and Kimber which in a way are similar but different and wonderful sounding. Both work well in my system.

email me privately and I`ll give you all the particulars about the cables.

happy listening

f1 fanatic