Cardas Golden Reference XLR or Straightwire Crescendo XLR ?

what is the best or the most complete ?
     I am a big fan of Crescendo, I've owned Cardas, (Very good cables and have there phono cables in my system now). Also have owned Transparent Reference XL SS and some high-end MIT. The MIT & Transparent lower end are crap. There trick is to get you hooked on the lower end cables, then get you to up-grade. The lower-end cables remove the highs and lows and mute detail. That way when you up-grade, of course it will sound better.
     I have a McIntosh, amp & preamp in front my B&W 800 N speakers.  Don't care for McIntosh CD or DVD players. Furthermore the MS-300 & 750 are a disaster, I owned 2 MS-300 & 1 MS-750. I had to send them all back to have the hard-drives replaced and one need a new power supply too. Now have Straightwire Crescendo for line inputs, preamp out to amp and Crescendo bi-wire speaker cables.  I am very pleased with my system.

     Wanted to add a couple more thoughts.
  First of all nothing will make a stereo system sound better than speakers. Cables are one link in the chain. If the speakers are not top-end than any cable would not really help. Invest in great speakers & equipment first.
  Second. Power Cables are a almost a waste of money. I recommend getting 10-3 cable. witch consist of 3 wires of. 10 gauge THHN Stranded wire and terminate with good plugs.   
   Don't mind spending good money on audio equipment, but dont want to waste it foolishly on tweeks. 
Cardas never worked in my system.....