Cardas Golden Reference vs. Triode Wire Labs 10+


I have so far a Sablon Robusto power cord to CD player, Cardas Golden Reference to preamp power supply and Cardas Quadlink 5C interconnects throughout.

I am thinking of replacing the Golden Ref power cord with a TWL 10+

I am thinking there may be an improvement. I am looking for a smoother warmer treble and perhaps slightly more detail.

Appreciate feedback from anyone who has experience with these cords or even a comparison between the Sablon Robusto and Triode wire Labs 10+

I don't think the Cardas Power Cords are as important as the Cardas ICs.
I tried the Golden Reference interconnects. They are detailed but still a wee bit bright on the top. I preferred the Quadlink 5 c's and will upgrade to Golden Cross interconnects.
Really Cardas being described as bright? I have them and disagree, never heard that said of them either but it's no skin off my nose, just surprised. If they are bright to you they are bright in your system, What else needs to be said.
It does seem strange the GR interconnects were bright. What is your other equipment? Triode makes it easy to try their PCs, so why not give them a shot and see what happens? But I agree with Mechans that the interconnects may be the relatively more important component, so maybe try something there first.
I previously owned the GR interconnects and also auditioned simultaneously the GR speaker cable. I agree with Mechans and Soix on both counts. I felt the interconnect contributed to a considerably more musically enjoyable presentation than the speaker cable, whose influence on the overall system sound I really did not care for. I also never experienced any issue with brightness using the GR interconnect.
Let me clarify - the brightness was relative to the Cardas Quadlink 5C's which have less detail and are warmer/ muddier. No doubt about it, the Golden Ref's are more neutral with an extended top end but musical nonetheless. They also have the Cardas midrange and would be considered warm compared to other interconnects - just not vis a vis the Quadlink 5C's or Golden Cross.

My equipment is more to the neutral side - Krell and Dynaudio.