Cardas Golden Reference vs. Golden Cross

I currently am using a 4 meter, internally bi-wired length of Cardas Golden Cross speaker cable between my Audio Research vt. 100 mk. 2 amplifier and Merlin VSM-SE bBAM speakers.

i have recently replaced all of my Cardas Golden Cross interconnects with Cardas Golden Reference (RCA) interconnects.

Sonically, how would a 3 meter, internally bi-wired length of Golden Reference compare with my current 4 meter, internally bi-wired length of Cardas Golden Cross?

Is there an additional synergy to be gained by running all Golden Reference system-wide? Also, would a 4 meter run of Neutral Reference interconnect between preamp and amp be a significant compromise vs. an all Golden Reference set-up?


my system:
1) Sony DVP-9000ES (temporary); considering Meridian 508.24
2) Joule-Electra LA-100 Mk. 3 preamp
3) Audio Research VT-100 mk. 2 amp
4) Merlin VSM-SE bBAM speakers

All interconnects (RCA) are currently Cardas Golden Reference.

Speaker cable is currently a 4 meter, internally bi-wired length of Cardas Golden Reference.

Power cords:
1) source: Shunyata King Cobra v1
2) preamp: Electraglide Fatman Gold 2000
3) amp: Electraglide Fatman Gold 2000

All components are currently supported on Rosinate Dark Matter stands with supplied ball bearings.
we share a couple of things in common- KCV1 PC on source; Rosinante stands; and Cardas cabling (except I am all GC for IC's, and Hex Gldn 5C for speakers). Anyways, what you have sounds good. I tried GR and liked it, especially when mixed with GC in the chain. If it were me, I would stick with what you have. As for the Neutral Ref- I heard it and was not my cup of tea- I much preferred the fullness from the GC and Hex Gldn 5C. Good luck with the decision.
Heard almost the same thing you have (and are considering) at a well setup dealer room:

Meridian 508.24; Symposium Roller Blocks under the Meridian; Golden Cross to a mid-high end ($4K) Blue Circle preamp and then Golden Refernce to some huge Blue Circle tube/SS hybrid mono protypes with a 4 meter run of Golden Ref to a pair of Merlin Melleniums without the BAMM. Smallish, treated Room.

One of the better systems I've ever heard -- true synergy. Not too much base slam (I'm sure the BAMM would help) but the best detail I've heard without loss of warmth. (In fact the Golden Cross/Ref probably accounts for that warmth). Very analogue sounding. Dealer said the Blue Circle stuff will be in $15K range and was "a hundred and something watts, with about 70 of that Class A". He also said he'd have to shoot me if he told me more.

Hopefully, I'll get to hear this setup with SACD to my Placette active linestage -- as that is the ideal system I've sketched out in my under $40K dreams. (Yes, I sometimes dream on a budget). By the way, Golden Ref is a riskless purchase if you buy used as these cables have such a good reputation and are thus so easy to resell if you don't like them. --Lorne
You are t rue audionut...upo're still stressing about the GR's.