Cardas Golden Reference Power vs. Clear Power


Is there a big difference in sound between the 2? Cardas says that their interconnects have tonal differences but not power cords as these provide stable clean power.

Both are fairly similar price wise - Clear costing slightly more.

I am asking because in my system I prefer the Golden Reference interconnects to Clear because of the full bodied midrange.

I am trying a Golden Reference power cord and it did add body and fullness too compared to my Triode Wire Labs 8+

How would Clear Power compare?
Up for some help. Anybody?
...absolutely right. Cardas does add body and fullness, but this is a plus only if you need body and fullness. In my system, Cardas was the worst sounding cable I tried. It made the system dead and lifeless inserting a "brown" character to everything. You really have to hear what a cable does in your own system to decide if it is good or bad for YOU.