cardas golden reference biwire

Just hooked up a pair of used but new wires mentioned above. I did not have my speakers biwired before. There is a significant change with these wires. The bass is just a little overpowering. Will this change with "break in"? or is this a result of the type of wire or the added benefit of the biwire? I am not sure I can live with this much base. However I love the extended mids and highs, trhe soundstage has also doubled incredibly.
Dave, often when you repalce a component like wire which can effect the tonal balance, you may need to adjust your speaker placement which you optimised previously to work well with the bass balance of the wire you were using. Try small changes at first. even 1/2" can sometimes be enough. Keep at it until you get it where you wnat it. It took me three years to find the right spot for my speakers. You should be able to find a spot where the bass will blend better and still keep the improved qualities you like so much. You might wait until you have a bit more time on them. I won't go into that further since some people are on a rant about wire burn in as you are well aware!
thanks Maxgain, I will give in some break in time over the weekend. Yea, some questions, or a question to an answer, really gets some fur ruffled...

It's all good.
Interesting finding Dave, that is exactly the results I had with the Golden Cross bi-wires; the upper end was very nice, but the bass way to boomy.
Brianmgrarcom, did you try moving your speakers to get rid of the boom?
since this is all part of a "big" stem upgrade I will be adding the new pre amp this weekend also. I have been adding components one at a time to hear the sonic diferences each makes. I am wondering what going from my inexpensive SS pre to my expensive CJ 16 tube pre will do to the sound. My listening experience is this pre will help the mids and highs not sure what it will do to the bottom end. If need be, I guess I will have to change cables.

It is interesting that after I added the Bryston 14B SST I loved the overall sound differences from my previous amp. The soundstage and depth was incredible at low listening levels. I was running an inexpensive set of Transparent single wires and bridged the terminals at the speakers. No bass boom but I felt it the overall quality could be better. So in goes the Biwire. So this problem is definately a result of adding the Cardas BiWire to this system so far. I will let you know the results after I add in the new pre.
Dave, I think the CJ WILL be different in the bass by a long shot! It should have more weight, athority, and whollop, along with more texture!
I have had to tweek the speaker placement after every upgrade, even small ones. It's a normal part of the set up process. Boom is usually a room/speaker placement issue for the most part and I would not attribute it to the wire yet.
Dave, I did not try moving them, at least that I remember; given my limited space, the boomy sound wasn't going away by the little I could move them.
Brian, when you changed speakers wires, that in itself solved your problem?
Hi Dave, yes.
Dave, it is much cheaper to try to move the speakers around first than to buy more cables. Brian, had no place to go, I hope that isn't the case with your set up too.
Maxgain is right, it certainly cannot hurt to try moving your speakers; I suspect it wouldn't of helped if I could of had free rein, but it isn't going to cost you anything.
8 years later....
Did you ever solve the Cardas biwire problem?
I'm debating whether to have Cardas convert my Golden Ref from single to biwire on the speaker end.
Speakers are Silverline 17.5