Cardas Golden Referance XLR/IC's w/SS equipment

I would like to hear from you if you have experience using Cardas Golden Referance IC's with Soild State Equipment. I am using Mark Levinson Equipment and Electrostatic speakers. Looking for detail as well as musical. Also please comment on the Cardas Golden Referance speaker cable in said set up. Would this be a good match with equipment & speakers?
I used them with a Plinus SA100 mk 3 with no problems.
I just recently purchased a Cardas Golden Reference 0.5 XLR interconnect to run from my Meridian 508.24 CD player to my Levinson 383 and I am VERY happy with these cables, very good purchase. Prior to the Cardas I was using a LAT IC-200 Mark II, also 0.5 XLR.

I believe there are many good produacts out there. I have no hestitation recommending this cable.
I am using Golden Reference speaker cables between Pass Aleph monoblocks and Sound Lab electrostats. They work very well in this set up.
Has the CGF cables taken the edge or fatigue factor out of your SS set ups and maintained the hidden detail which your ss equipment reveals?
Removing the fatigue factor and edge from solid state (or from systems in rooms with poor acoustics) is exactly what Cardas cables are good at. It is a very punchy cable - and quite fun to listen to. It will add weight and presence to solid state gear without sacrificing the detail you are accustomed to. Tones are very natural and well balanced.

In my previous SS systems, Cardas between the preamp and amp worked best... Nordost Quattro Fil is a good match for the Cardas (the two sonic signatures work well together and sound quite natural) when used between source and preamp.
The Cardas Golden Reference XLR/IC work great with solid state. I have used them extensively with Pass equipment. I used them with the Aleph 02 amps driven by a Wadia 861 player. Sound was beautiful and warm w/o losing detail or dynamics. They also worked very well with the X series amplifiers such as the x5, x250 and x600.

The Golden Reference are much more neutral than the warmer Golden Cross IC. There is a clear family character in both lines of Cardas. They are all a bit forgiving but extremely musical.

The tonal character of the Golden Reference is about half way between the Golden Cross and the Neutral Reference.

Hope this helps
But you also have to take Electrostaticman's speakers in account. Not very many people understand the needs of ESL, if they themselves do not own elecrostatic speakers.
The Cardas is a fine cable, but it seems to be too slow for ESL. In my system, my ML Prodigy never came alive with Cardas. One of the best cables for the Prodigy are the Valhalla, a super fast cable, maybe lacking a bit body.
George Cardas uses planar speakers as his personal reference. They are quite fast. Another cable that I have recently auditioned and that I consider to be super fast is the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference. It is also in the same price class as the Cardas Golden Reference.
Have both AZ silver and golden reference both are excellent AZ more extended high GR is better I think with fuller midrange was using both cable with ML 332 and BW speaker prefered cardas, also remember system matching is important. Also using GR bi-wire speaker cable, one thing i disliked about AZ is they have so many different version and they charge you everytime if you want to upgrade to their current version, that telling me that their product is not very reliable just my opinion.
I tried it (1m balanced) between my Rowland Synergy IIi and Model 10. I found it to be quite colored, with a significant boost in the bass and midbass. In my system the Neutral Reference works much better. I think this is because my speakers (Soliloquy 6.5s) have extended bass response (-2dB @ 22Hz) and, coupled with the room gain, any emphasis in bass is quite noticable. The speaker cables are Kimber Bifocal XL, which are quite fast and neutral. If you have speakers that roll off at 40Hz you probably wouldn't notice this effect.