Cardas Golden Ref vs Magnan Signature vs MIT S1.3


My speaker cable shortlist is as follows:

Cardas Golden Reference
Magnan Signature
MIT Shotgun S1.3 (I would prefer the Magnum M1.3 but too expensive)

Feed back much appreciated from anyone with expereince with either and/or all the above.

Amp is Krell FPB 200c and speakers Vienna Acoustics Klimt The Kiss, interconnects Cardas Golden Cross.

Thanks in advance.
My entire cable "loom" is Cardas Golden Ref. Admittedly, I've not experimented with other brands as the physical layout of my system precludes doing so. But I must say I've been entirely satisfied.
Call The Cable Company. They'll send you all 3 cables for demo. Its the best way to buy cables.
I have contacted the Cable Co. I am not in the US and cannot avail myself of their borrowing services.

They keep recommending Audience 24SE which I understand is on the lean side.