Cardas Golden Ref or the AU24e cables???

Cary tube electronics and Von Schweikert VR-4jr III speakers
Different presentation. The Cardas is warmer, weightier and more rolled off in the top. The Audience is quicker, airy with a higher but less weighty bottom end.

I just switched from Cardas to Audience. Using Class A tubes and Harbeths. Found Cardas too dull with tubes.
With tubes, use the Neutral Reference. GR is a bit warm, better for SS equipment. Neutral Ref. is great with tubes.
I used to have Cardas Golden Ref speaker cable with VSR speakers and the combo worked very nicely. I have used these cables with many speakers and they are nice, with smooth sound that is extended and detailed and refined but not too pushy. Very good for the price I'd say.