Cardas Golden Ref or Acoustic Zen Silver Mkx? ICs?

Well, which one'll give me that sonic nirvana we all want? I'm thinkin' 'bout the ICs b/n the CDP and the Pre. Thanks, y'all!
Different results may ocur with different gear, that said, I was using a Cardas GR IC and tried an Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference IC from CD to integrated and prefered the AZ.
The AZ Silver Ref mk1 and then mk2 were the best IC's I had tried until the Audience Au24. The Cardas NR and AZ Matrix mk1 sounded very similar in my system. I have not tried the Cardas Golden Ref IC.
I use the AZ silver which work well for me. I've just been evaluating the Audience cables and I found them closed in and uninteresting, even after burn in. What am I missing?
You should really audition the Stealth M-21 special. I've compared it with Cardas Golden reference, AZ Matrix MKII, AZ silver reference, Audio Note AN-Vx Vz, NBS... by far this is the most musical in my system and in my other friend's system too. I place it between CD player and preamp. 30 days free trial. You should really talk to Serguei from Stealth Audio.

Cardas Golden reference -- dull
AZ Matrix MKII -- lack of good detail, poor low freq response
AZ silver reference -- good detail, punchy, poor low frequency response
Audio Note Vx -- musical, a little constraint in upper mid but still better than Cardas and AZ.
Vz -- musical, bigger sound, slight colder and brighter
Stealth M-21 special -- good detail, punchy, excellent bass control, very musical, big wide and deep sound stage.
Nothing negative to say about M-21 special.

This is not the same as the regular M-21. This was made under my special request.
I was happy with the AZ Silver Ref II between my DAC and transport until I tried the Pure Note Epsilon Ref. They were similar but the PNs were the clear winner, tighter mid and lower bass, and also had more air. A little less expensive doesn't hurt either. I plan to have PNs all-around.

I've never tried the Cardas Golden Ref, but I find S23chang's findings on the AZ Matrix II to be spot on. Totally not right in my system.

Had the Audience for a little less than a month and found them very dry and univolving. I like their PCs though.
Nirvana SX also worked very well between SACD and preamp, although not as good as AZ between pre and power. The Nirvana digital cable is also excellent in my system - much better than Nordost Silver Shadow