cardas golden power vs cardas power reference

Im looking to buy cardas power cable but i dont know the difference between this 2 cable. What is the difference in the sound signature and tonality?
Golden is supposedly a touch warmer. Reference is a bit more neutral, however, Cardas in general is warm. I have the Cross and compared it to the Golden Reference. I honestly couldn't detect much of a difference. There was a difference, for sure, but I don't think I could tell if I didn't A/B them. So I went the cheaper route. Could make a bigger difference in your system or none at all. That's your gamble to make.

Good luck.
the Cardas "Golden" is the best power cable they offer, sounds much better to me than their other offerings but I have not heard the Reference.. I have the Reference IC and prefer the Golden Cross to it.
Cardas "Golden" has open full, rich, dimensional, powerful sound, bass is great, much improvement over a stock cable.
My Reference IC cable compared to Golden Cross IC cable seems to be drier, less organic, a little sterile and lackluster.. or perhaps just more neutral. Just my 2c
I completely agree with Xie. Probably the best description yet.