Cardas Golden Power Cord.....

Has anyone tried this PC? Is it good? I'm trying to make my CDs more listenable and have heard that the Cardas products help on this in many cases, so I'm considering this PC. Does this PC could affect the sound in a bad way? Thanks for any comment. Yair.
definitely one of the best power cords IMHO. I am using about 3 of them in my 2 systems. DO NOT however use the Cardas Hexlink power cord. The Golden has rich harmonics, full and large soundstage, warm but still very detailed sound both power and speaker cables (golden cross are excellent)
Try the Virtual Dynamics Power 3 powercord before spending money on anything more expensive. A 6 feet cord only cost about $70 with a money back gaurantee. The drawback is that is it very heavy and may not work for light weight components. I was skeptic but I was impressed after talking to Rick Schultz about his design. I was even more impressed when the Power 3 gave my Mark Levinson 331 more transparency, dynamic contrast, better harmonic structure, lower noise floor, more air and ambience and smoother extended highs. It sounded like a layer of dirt was lifted between the music and I. Bass became cleaner, more focused, more taut and plainly "more real".

I never heard the Cardas Golden Powercord, but I suggest that you consider the Virtual Dynamics Power 3 also.
Eiekitchen, why not use the Cardas Hexlink power cord? Could you expand on your reason about not using this cord. I was thinking about using this cord with my Odyssey Stratos amp.
Trip try the costum power cord model 11, I have
the mono extreme,they are good for amp.Since
I bought this pc, I am very happy. Sometimes
I will post here to get an idea, but most of
pc recommendatio are between 1000 to 1500 dollars.
Yes cardas pc are very good.Xiek is right the
cardas golden cross is excellent.
The Cardas Golden is an excellent cord and it will do what you are looking for it to do. I've always had an upper limit new or used around $200 for power cords and own two Cardas Goldens currently. Other cords that I've tried have included XLO, LAT, entry level BMI, MIT Z cord, Asylum cord and Blue Circle BC 62. None of those really come close to the Golden, although I'd say the BC 62 is very good value in the used market around $100-$125. The Golden is very warm and musical through the midrange into the high frequencies. If you can level a criticism at the cord, it would probably be that the bass might be a little "looser" than some other cords; whether it is more or less accurate is up for debate. No disrespect to the VD Power 3 (I haven't heard it), but I would strongly doubt that it would be even remotely in the same league as the Cardas Golden, particularly with amplifiers. If you want to save money and have an excellent cord, you can buy 4-5 feet of the JPS in-wall cable for about $15-$18 a foot and terminate it with a Marinco 320 iec and a Marinco hospital grade male. This cord will set you back about $100-$120 and is a truly outstanding cord. I also have one of these and if I didn't own the Goldens, probably wouldn't buy them as the DIY JPS is a serious bang for the buck cord. It is perhaps more neutral and less warm than the Cardas, has tighter (but just as extended) bass and is probably slightly more resolving than the Cardas. But if you are looking for "warmth" and musicality and trying to reduce digital nasties, the Golden is an excellent choice. Another product that works wonders with digital at a reasonable price ($40) is the Quantum Electroclear-you won't be disappointed if you buy one of those.
Re: TRIP: I, having previously been of the opinion that Cardas makes nothing bad, bought a hexlink power cable (not to be confused with the Cardas Golden Hexlink 5 speaker cables, which are a close approximation of the Golden Cross spkr. cables and my Spica TC-50's have never sounded better than with these) and found that the Hexlink power cable sounded WORSE in some ways than the stock cable that comes with a power amp... I tried this on my Forte 1a, Eagle 4, Rega Mira. The cable has a tube-y warm pronounciation but somehow is hindered in dynamics and bass power. I really could not believe what a difference power cords make.
The Ensemble PC's offer what the Cardas Golden does, but with more neutrality- I use them for digital.
I have used the cardas Golden croos and refrence PC. I was not impressed at all. very colored with poor imaging. wide soundstage; almost too wide ( ie, it felt exagerrated). When I used to own solid state gear, the cardas gear seemed to be a step up from the PCs provided by the manufacturers, but with my tube equipment which are far more revealing and trasparent, cardas clerarly is adding unwanted coloration. there are many better options out there
Try the PS xstream power Plus cord, better than the Cardas Golden power cord.