Cardas Golden Cros vs. Cardas Golden Ref

I am trying to choose between Cardas Golden Cross and Cardas Golden Reference.
Khrys... I am exploring both these cables. How is the Reference in terms of dynamics, cutting the RF, and musicality?
Lkern...To my ears the Golden Reference is somewhat more dynamic, equal in cutting RF, but ultimately substantially more musical; and it is not due simply to the addition of more treble. The depth and detail of the soundstage draws you into the music. Instead of GC's euphony I hear subtlety and finesse. Where GRef really excels over GC is in pace: tempos are more toe-tapping; where GC is slow, GRef is quick (but not fast). Where GC is forgiving GRef is enticing. Very enticing...Very Very enticing...
Thanks. I suspect that the GRef is the one to audition in my system. I want to protect the very sonic qualities you mention...especially that, to me, essential quality of musicality which is made up many factors. Ironically, the Cardas people also suggest the GRef as a "very good" match (their words) to the Magnan I have between my amps and pre. Again, many thanks. This is the value of such a forum. Bert