cardas gold ref speaker cable vs audioquest volcan

i have audioquest volcano speaker cable,im thinking of going to cardas gold ref speaker cable,would this be a up grade?
No. I have not heard the volcano, but having the Cardas on my system in the past, I would say run the other way.
Synergistic Tesla. The best I've heard.
I have shotgun runs of AQ Volcano on Legacy Focus HDs in a bi-amped scenario with Edge NL 12.1 amps. The AQ Volcano has shown me limitless bottom and top-end range, effortless dynamics and great musicality without too much coloration of the signal. The effective gauge is also quite large which for my speakers and amps is a key to getting the most out of the system I have.

I've heard the Cardas Golden Ref; personally, I find them a bit too warm and veiled compared to the Volcanos however please be are this is a subjective opinion only.