Cardas G R power cable "SOUL" of musician

Hi every one

C GR power cables- Seductive, Emotional , Non-fatiguing , musical.

I have used Audiance, Harmonix, silent source, woodoo, Vdh etc.

I think every cable at this price range have something special but Cardas GR cables have the " SOUL " of musician.

Am listening to Neil diamond "four chord opera" now. the soul is very much there.

Should try this CD with C GR cables.

Anyboby else felt this SOUL in C GR ?

I describe GR cable as musical, I suppose you could call that soul.

I've tried tons of cables in various systems over the years, some do some things better, GR's just seem to have some holistic something that's made them keepers for me for aprox. 10 years.
I agree they are musical and in the right system they can be awesome.