Cardas Forged Spade Re-Termination

Did anyone have their Cardas cables reterminated with cardas's new forged spade? I watched the video and that looked making sense to have the spade and cable forged into a single piece. What is the before / after difference? Thank you
Yes. The sound seems more "organic" and flows more easily, less "electronic". The $450 was well worth it in my opinion. These are Golden Reference cables.
I guess you're the "L.Z." on the website. Earlier this year, I had the money to buy some Clear, but discovered the new cable after I bought a new acoustic(same price).
My current setup sounds good to me but i'm looking for better image and deeper stage. I heard about cardas GR cables are being used in some studios. My question is, did i start with the wrong type of cable that delivers flat frequency response? Or my other equipments are not using the most out of these cables? Or may be I'm just looking for some fake sound stage, what I hear is how the recording was recorded? Any comments from current or ex users are greatly welcome. Thank you.