Cardas Cross vs. Ht Pro Silway MK II

Having upgraded most of my equipment recently, the one area that I have neglected is the interconnects. Where I live the only true stereo outlet carries generic and Monster cables, so I have to turn to reviews and posts on other cables to help with the decision making.

How do the Cardas Cross and Harmonic Tech Pro Silway II compare to each other. Im leaning towards the Pro Silways to be used between amp-preamp.

thanks Kek
I have a complete stereo with Harmonic Technology &/or Synergistic Research & I am part of an unoffical audio club. The Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway MKII I have are balanced: one pair from Sony XA7es CD player to Audio Resaerch LS16 tube pre-amp & one pair from pre-amp to Aragon Palladium mono blocks. RCA is on the other 5.1 audio/video NHT system between the Theta Casanova & Krell 300i integrated amp. One memeber had the Cardas Golden Cross line & I had one pair of Cardas Cross that I just sold because I wanted a phono cable rather than a normal interconnect. I think your comparsion is off, for the Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway MK II, you need to look at the Cardas Golden Cross. The Cardas Cross should be compared to the Harmonic Technology Truth-Link. The Harmonic Technology will be more open & brighter than the Cardas Cross & how it sounds depends on your equipment & what type of music &/or media your listening to.
Another strong performer is the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal interconnect. Very neutral and smooth.

read my review here regarding harmonic technology Magic Interconnects compared against the original XLO SIGNATURE Interconnects. BTW the XLO SIGNATURE 2 Interconnects are a nice overall improvement over the original version.
I used to own HT Truthlink, HT ProSilway MKII and Cardas Cross for my Krell and Wadia CDP. I did not much appreciate the HT products and and finally decided to sell them out. No doubt that MKII is better than Truthlink. In my system, Cardas Cross provides more natural sound quality and not deep bass like MKII.