Cardas Cold Forging

Has anyone tried the new Cardas option to have their speaker cable and connectors cold forged, making for a solid connection with no "connective" points with solder, etc. Sounds good in theory for line transmission, but can you hear any difference? If so what? I'm using Cardas Golden Reference.
I used to manufacture cable ...sold it in NY, NJ, etc. I always found that soldering degrades the sound.
What I don't get is why Cardas has not been doing this since day one with the ability to use this "old" technology and if soldering does indeed degrade the sound.
So what does this do when you consider that between each end the rest of the cable is configured in a certian geometry, with space around the wires etc and the end are compressed?
A very good question, given the importance of the golden ratio. It did always bother me that my friend the electrical engineer thought I was crazy when I explained my cable choices for my equipment. He did not think that all cables sounded the same, but the capacitance/inductance/resistance parameters were easily understood and designed for. He bought radio shack with gold connectors.
Hi, thanks JFrech. Yes I had my GR speaker cables reterminated using Cardas' new process. The difference was not subtle. I noticed a much smoother, slightly more transparent sound. The cost was $400 plus shipping which I think is quite reasonable. I highly recommend doing it, especially if your system is of sufficient resolving power, which yours definitely seems to be.