Cardas Clear vs Purist Audio Genesis speaker wire

I currently have Custom House speaker wire for my left, center, right speaker. Speakers are Eggleston Works Andra ll and Andra center. My rears and sides are also EW. My processor and amp are Lexicon MC12B and LX-7 (made by Crown). 99% theater use in a 7.1 system. Left speaker 25', center 17' and right is 10'.

My current speaker wire seems neutral leaning to edgy. The problem is the Eggleston Works speaker esotar tweeter are very revealing and I am sure the Lexicon amp is not helping any either. My ears are very sensitive to high frequency sound such as edgy treble.

I am comsidering the following speaker wire to help smooth and warm the higher frequencies. Analysis Plus Solo Crystal, Cardas Clear series Light or Sky and Purist Audio Design's new affordable wire called Genesis. I listed the cable in the order of most $ to least $.

Any advice relative to the above wire? I don't want to spend any more than I need to.

I also may change out the LX-7 amp for an Ayre 7xe, Mcintosh or a Sanders ESL amp to also help smooth/warm up the sound a bit. Feel free to comment on which amp I should go with or others not listed.

I also own the Andra 2 speakers.
After trying many high $$$ cables, I decided to make my own.
My DIY Biwire cables are made of 14 & 18 Gauge Solid 99999 soft annealed Silver cable.
After spending many $$$ on Speaker cables, I have found that the actual conductor is what matters
Thanks Ozzy, I will read up on that