Cardas Clear Reflection advice needed

HI group,
I recently bought a Bel Canto Pre3VB preamp with its VBS power supply, which I'm running to my Bel Canto REF500S amp. 
Since the Pre3VB and REF500s are fully balanced, I'm in the market for an XLR cable.
My source interconnects are Cardas Clear; I could wait and save up some more for a Clear XLR, or I could go with a Clear Reflection right now.
If I did that, would I be compromising my system? 
Interested in your thoughts.
My system: BC REF500s, BC Pre3VB & VBS1 battery supply, Arcam Alpha 9 CDP, Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand SE speakers, Kimber Monocle XL speaker cable......

Thanks for your help...

Even if I liked them in your system it may not be a match 

I preferred the Final touch audio xlr interconnects very natural sounding 

and Wire World Eclipse Awg9 gauge Speaker cables  a very natural mstch 

which was $2 k for 1 pr of interconnects ,and $1500 for the speaker cables ,for me it was a lot ,  digital I have Final touch audio Sinope usb cable 

and Ethernet from router a AQ Diamond then Finaltouch audio from uptone audio Ether regen to server ,  the little us be perfect is latest item on the usb output and works well better then AQ jitterbug,or IFIAudio usb3 .best $250 ever spent ,

and I do use the Synergistic purple fuses ,they add a bit more resolution  ,I get all  I can out of my system ,Dynaudio speaker Xovers totally upgrades ,as well as Coda CSIB  output capacitors upgraded withDuelund tinned Copperfoil  capacitors  Big improvements.

@mikey8811 thanks, by chance are your two sets of interconnects close to the same length, where you can swap them and put the Clear Beyond first (DAC>Pre) and the Clear Reflection from (Pre>Amp)?  

Sometimes I do this to get an idea, where the leading cable closest to the source takes on the signature of that leading Cardas cable for a higher majority of the sound characteristic.  It's not a perfect scenario like a full loom of course, but it does  give an idea of the differences between the two cable types. Some like to say put your very best cable up front, first.  There is some merit in that I believe.    

@decooney I have swapped them around before. I preferred the Clear Beyond from pre to power. That was what Cardas advised me to do anyway.

When I tried them the other way, the sound was veiled. I could tell almost straight away that didn't suit me.

@sdl4 ..."especially the fullness, tonal balance, midrange liquidity, richness, and smoothness I hear with the CR. The CR also images great and isn’t rolled off in the highs, but it also doesn’t over-emphasize high frequency detail at the expense of tonal balance.

I guess I just need to resign myself to admitting that I love Clear Reflection, since I can’t seem to find a cheaper cable that is a better match for my preferences and my system."


Well, back for a 2nd try and complete do-over evaluation. I ​​​​received my 1M RCA Clear Reflection interconnects today. They came in a completely different/larger box and packaging this time, drop-shipped direct from Cardas through my authorized dealer. They arrived a little different compared to the first used/return pair of I tried and sent back the first go around over a year ago. Will be taking listening notes starting brand new through settling/relaxing phase and will compare the first 250hrs. I don’t want to make premature judgment this time around yet already noticing some of the same nice characteristics. Gonna run them in a few weeks and see how it goes. A little bit more intrigued this time. We’ll see...

@decooney  I'll be interested in your impressions of the Clear Reflection ICs this time around.