Cardas Clear Reflection advice needed

HI group,
I recently bought a Bel Canto Pre3VB preamp with its VBS power supply, which I'm running to my Bel Canto REF500S amp. 
Since the Pre3VB and REF500s are fully balanced, I'm in the market for an XLR cable.
My source interconnects are Cardas Clear; I could wait and save up some more for a Clear XLR, or I could go with a Clear Reflection right now.
If I did that, would I be compromising my system? 
Interested in your thoughts.
My system: BC REF500s, BC Pre3VB & VBS1 battery supply, Arcam Alpha 9 CDP, Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand SE speakers, Kimber Monocle XL speaker cable......

Thanks for your help...
Why don’t you try both via The Cable Company’s Cable Library program? It’s really the only way to know: trying both in your system and head to head.

The Cardas cables are popular...I wasn’t able to get the Clear or Clear Beyond in to do exactly what you are doing. I had the Clear Reflections.

Your timing may line up better than mine.
Good advice; btw, how did you like the Clear Reflections? 
I would say: if the Clear Reflection would be a permanent choice?
But if it is a stopgap.. then just hold off and save for the cable you really want.
I have wasted PLENTY of money on halfway cables over the years.
I still have piles of them in the closet.
@arcamguy   I very recently replaced my Cardas Clear Reflection XLR ICs. They are a very good all around cable and for me an excellent choice as the value buy in the Cardas lineup.

For my needs/preferences, and my Pass system, it was a toss up between the Clear Reflection and the Audience Au24 SX cables. I slightly prefer the Audience but I found the Cardas to be more true/honest but less exciting. With the T+A the Audience came into it's own and was more neutral with the T+A. Here I preferred it over the Clear Reflections.

I ultimately chose Synergistic Research but both the Audience and especially the SR cables are higher priced than the Clear Reflection.

A friend who had an 'opinion' on Cardas cabling (previous era Cardas) was pleasantly surprised (and impressed) with the Clear Reflections.
@david_ten thanks for your impressions; most helpful.

@Elizabeth thanks for the feedback, and that's what's holding me back: I actually ordered the Clear Reflections and the unopened box is sitting here. I want to talk with my dealer Monday, but I think you're right: I think...again, think....they would be a stopgap. Since everything else is Clear, then.....why not.

One argument in favor of the Reflections is they're very good, and less expensive, which would let me do a couple other things with my system. But at the end of the day, I think I'd always be kicking myself that I didn't keep my interconnects consistent.

BTW, I really enjoyed that thread on balanced interconnects you jumped in on recently. I found it very informative, given my limited knowledge of that type of cable. I'd always been an RCA guy, but this preamp and amp are specifically designed for balanced, so I'm looking forward to the boost an XLR will give me.

@arcamguy I prefer Clear Reflection to Clear. I am using a combination of Clear Beyond and Clear Reflection.

Clear Reflection is a warmer and more forgiving cable than Clear. I tried Clear in my system and somehow did not like it. It was too "clear" for my taste. Mind you, I have probably used most Cardas cables in the past and did prefer Golden Cross to Golden Reference if that gives you an idea of my leanings. I still think the Golden Cross is my favourite all time interconnect and nothing quite beats its midrange portrayal - not even the Clear Beyond.

However, you like Clear so another Clear could very well work for you. I think Cardas describes Clear Reflection as a cross between Clear and the older Golden Reference - that is quite an apt description. So I guess if you would like more warmth in your system, go with the Clear Reflection but if you would like more of the same, then go with Clear.
@mikey8811 thank you for your input; do you lose any resolution or detail with Clear Reflection?
@arcamguy No, not that I noticed but I did not compare the Clear and Clear Reflection on an AB basis.

I bought Clear Beyond first and then Clear Reflection because I didn't like Clear in my system.
Hi guys,
Just an update: went with a Cardas Clear balanced interconnect. Quite nice. Enjoying the music.....
@mikey8811 I prefer Clear Reflection to Clear, too.
Both aren't perfect, buth Reflection's faults are much more tolerable than Clear's.
Clear is too flat and boring.
Since I have an integrated and use only a couple of interconnects, I replaced the Reflection with Beyond (a totally different animal from Clear), but if I had separates I would have done as you
Late to the game here. I would save up and do the Clear. It hasn't failed me yet. I had CR once, at my amp. It was good, but lost some neutrality, with I value. Cygnus is the new sleeper cable, imo. Gorgeous low end, and all that Clear has, without the clinic. Check out Cygnus sometime, esp at the DAC output to preamp. Plus, Cygnus has 4 conductors. CR only has two. imo, better signal preservation with Cygnus (i.e. more transparency). I always go for more conductors, all else being the same.