Cardas Clear Or Transparent


I have been a user of Cardas interconnects all my life ranging from the Quadlink 5C, Golden Cross, Golden Presence to Golden Reference.

I am currently looking for a XLR interconnect between Krell FPB 200c power amp and Cary SLP 05 preamp and auditioned both the Cardas Clear and Transparent Ultra MM2. The Clear was a step above the Golden Reference in terms of speed, openness and top end extension and air. It was as if a veil had lifted. What was different was less midrange bloom. The Transparent Ultra MM2 was even more open and surprisingly had more inner detail in the midrange and treble, also with better imaging and soundstaging, albeit leaner and more analytical while being natural sounding at the same time, with less bloom than the Clear. The Clear seemed more musically coherent - details blended to create a musical whole while not standing out in themselves in any way like the Transparent Ultra MM2. Ideally, what I would like is a cable that is in between the two in most attributes perhaps with a bit more midrange bloom.

Any advice on this is appreciated especially from those familiar with many cables out there, particularly Cardas and Transparent. I am guessing the Transparent Reference may fit my preferences but they are beyond my budget. I was wondering if anyone has tried Cardas Clear Reflection and what you thought of it. Alternatively, if you could suggest something else, that would also be appreciated.

Thanks and regards
Transparent might be releasing a up grade to their cables very soon.A level higher than opus. I think it will trickle down just like mm2 did. So you should be able to pick up a used pair of Ref mm2. in the near future for a good price. the ref. mm2 is a great cable. or if you get the ultra mm2 you can trade it up when money is better. You can not go wrong with transparent in my opinion.
good luck Pete
So I've owned Cardas, Transparent and Purist Audio Designs.

Transparent, to me in my system, is the best but comes at a cost. Just like you mention above regarding Reference.

I think you consider Purist Audio Designs...for the money their cables can not be beat. Guessing their Corvus offering is the one to try first...

Transparent is the better of your choice(s).

If you have spent time w/ the Ultra MM2, you must demo the Reference XL and OPUS models for a comprehensive comparison.

The best thing about TA, in that, as you go 'up the chain' you will be musically rewarded. Not all cable/cord companies can execute this important matter.

Big Transparent fan here- keep me posted!