Cardas Clear Light or Mogami 2549 XLR

The setup I'm putting together is XLR from an Ayre KX-5/20 preamp through a Marchand balanced passive high-pass crossover to an Ayre VX-5/20 amp.  The impedance of the crossover is 1K Ω.  I have the Cardas and Mogami cables.  Either preferred?  I've previously used 3' Cardas between the preamp and amp, but these are 7' cables.  
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Since you have both why not try yourself and decide which suits your system best.
I'm using 5' Cardas Clear Lights from the preamp to the high-pass and 7' Clear Lights from the high-pass to the amp.  The sound is excellent.  I'm going to try substituting 6' and 10' Mogami 2534s, because it would make a neater installation, but I don't want to reduce sound quality.
I’ve had both and as good as the Mogami sounds, it sounds ‘right’, I feel  the Cardas brings a little more in terms of space and presence. Maybe even a touch more clarity.  Used between Classe CP 700 and either Pass X150 or Sim W5.3.
I tried the Mogami hoping it would compare favourably so I could move some equipment with longer xlr’s.  The Mogami were very good as I mentioned earlier, but the trade off was not worth it to me.