Cardas Clear Light equivalents

So I use Cardas Clear Lights XLRs for all my interconnects. Recently with my new rack arrangement of my gear the  NAD M51 will need just over 7 ft of cable run. I simply can't afford CCL at that length.  I don't really use the NAD too much but I would like to find an XLR cable in the $350+/- range with the "qualities" of the CCL. 

I have Thiel CS 2.4's so bright cables are a no no, but so are cables that roll the top off. I,be tried Cardas Gold and it was a bit too veiled. So I would like a neutral cable. 

I don’t have experience with the Clear line other than audio shows, so I’m not sure how to compare to the older Cross and Reference lines.

Clear Sky is a step down from CCL. The new Parsec also has the Clear technology.

From the old Cross line, Quadlink may be the most neutral. They lack some low-level detail, but very good micro- and macrodynamics, big and extended bass that lacks some clarity compared to pricier options.

From the old Reference line, Clear Presence probably sounds the most like "nothing" for a Cardas cable. Be aware that Clear Pres take a good 300-500 hours to burn in. Until they settle down, they are the most mercurial Cardas cable of my experience, sometimes sounding overly murky; other times sounding hard and bright. Neutral Ref is very good at touch and bloom, a little more linear/dynamic in the treble, where I hear a slight softening with Gold Pres. Gold Ref, in my experience, is not neutral. It is dark and smooth with a a bass bump in the 40-60 Hz range.

I should add that my comments about the Cardas interconnects do not necessarily apply to the speaker cables.  For instance, the Gold Ref speaker is less colored than the IC.

If the length of wire was more system critical, I’d say to spring for the CCL anyway! I’ve had experience buying a cable that was on closeout. I liked it, but it ended up sending me on a long and expensive quest to find a wire that does it all.