Cardas Clear Beyond Interconnects ?

Any impression, review,etc. on these new cables?

I own two Clear Beyond Power cords for the Luxman 509u integrated amp and Accuphase DP700 SACD player, Clear Reflection XLR interconnects and a double run of old (but still good) Golden Reference speaker cables biwiring my B&W 803D’s, plus an old Golden Reference Power feeding the Goldnote Dumbo AC (the power filter dedicated to the digital source), while the Purepower 3000 feeding all system receives the dedicated power line (10 meters -I write from Italy- of 3x12AWG for hospital grade UPSs cable terminated with Oyaide C279) from the electric panel.

I am planning to replace the Reflection XLR with the new Beyond, and the G.R. Power for the AC filter with a Clear Power.

More extended, neutral and dynamic but still musical interconnects, and less bright/forward power cable should re-create the same balance, but a step "beyond" ;) .

I read from the Cardas website the new Beyond should be a musical cable with increased "slam" on low frequencies, instead of the too resolving, light character of the old Clear, still the Rev.1, I never liked; maybe Beyond is a more extended Reflection than an improved Clear, who knows?!
Has really nobody auditioned the new Clear Beyond Interconnects?
Hello Biggy  - I did my whole system in Cardas Clear Beyond changing from Purist Audio 20th Anniversary and was very happy with the change. The Purist were wonderful cables and backed by a wonderful company and true gentlemen - Jim Aud. The Cardas in MY system ....are the most true to life cable I have experienced.  I am not sure of the ; too resolving but instead I found them to be true to the source and very neutral  - which some people don't like. They are well made cable  - sonically I enjoy them  - a lot, and although not cheap - not stupidly priced for the performance you get.  
@garebear, Cardas power cables also?
.......yes the Clear Beyond 's as well. At first I was skeptical as I liked the PAD's power cords but this line of Cardas Cables is ; smooth, transparent and the music just plays. In my system.  
So you moved from warm cables like PAD 20th Anniversary to Clear Beyond and you're happy ... maybe that means Beyond Interconnects are not too resolving and still musical, like Cardas website says:

"Improving upon the spectacular performance of Clear Interconnect, Clear Beyond combines the famous Cardas musicality with a wider, taller sound stage, deeper bass and increased dynamics. Everything just gets bigger and better, as a cable carrying the name "Beyond" should."

"Clear Beyond Interconnect brings noteworthy improvements in spatial imaging, dynamics, and low frequency impact while retaining the classic Cardas musicality."

"More than anything, Clear Beyond Interconnect is musical".

Can you compare the Interconnects alone to other cables you know?

Sorry about the delay - but I am from the school of thought in that I keep all of the cables the same brand. So I have all Cardas Clear Beyond. Unfortunately it does take some time for these to really break in .... as I am noticing at about 100 hours the interconnect cables really starting to sound really good. Musical is the way I would describe them you were actually listening to the preformers live.  
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How does Clear Beyond compare to Clear or Clear Reflection?
The Cardas Clear to me in my system and my ears in my room .......I would say they sounded a lot like Nordost Valhalla in their first rendition.  The Cardas Clear Beyond take that speed, clarity and  transparency and add the realism of music......some may call it warmth, I call it more like real music. I never listened to or owned Cardas Clear Reflection.  

would you say more musical because they are fuller sounding and richer in the midrange & bass?

I have not auditioned the PAD line of cabling. I did find Cardas too warm for  my taste. Happy Listening!

is there a reason for not using Accuphase gear to mate w/ your DP700?