Cardas clear beyond compared to Nordost Valhalla V2

Would anyone be able to share there thoughts on how cardas clear beyond compares to Nordost Valhalla V2?

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There's a guy on Youtube (Jay's Audio Lab) that you may want to check out that does a shootout between the CCB and Nordost Odin 1. Not exactly what you're looking for, but close.

I have the Clear Beyond XLR and Speaker Cables and I must say I'm highly impressed.  If I could describe the sound it's full and has very good depth to the soundstage.  It has extremely good PRAT but doesn't have the Nordost "sheen" that I don't care for.  It's revealing but natural.  Some say it's "warm." But I don't think I'd characterize it that way mainly due to the fact I've owned the Audience AU24Sx and I would refer to those wonderful cables as "warm."  But these are more neutral with a slight hint of coolness to them. 

I hope that helps?