Cardas Cap Panic Buying

I can't belive it, again at tonights auction someone has bid $41 on a set which retails for $36, and most people here can get it from their regular sources for $33-31. A
fool and his money are soon parted. BTW I use Cardas Caps
not only to block EMF/RFI but also if you change ICs often
makes it easy to see behind your rack where to plug in new set of ICs, great idea, should be standard issue from manf.
when they sell you a preamp!
I agree with you Megasam, till today I think the informations or internet is very common to every body. I doubt those guys who bought the more expensive caps,must be living in the jungle. And the seller must be laughing all the way to bank in the buyer's check.
I have been fascinated for about a year with the tendency to overbid on auction items. About 6 months ago, I participated in an auction of some used/demo JVC XRCD CD's, one of which eventually sold for $41. I purchased the same CD -- new -- from Amazon for $24. Go figure. I can only conclude that this tendency has something to do with male competitivness and an unwillingness to "get beat".
I don't think so. On occasion I have paid a little more than necessary for an item to simply be done with it and on to the next project, not having to shop around any further.
Anyone know where to get these caps in NYC?
A thread was started not too long ago to discuss this very topic. If the auction you mention is sponsored by the same party as past auctions, Gthirteen answered the question (at least in part). "...if you read the fine print on the Cardas RCA Caps Auction that you are all refering to, you will see that the seller is allowing the buyer to apply the amount paid towards future Cardas purchases of over $200. So, if I bid and paid $40 for the Cardas Caps, I would get that $40 back, if I decided to purchase some Cardas products from them in the future. So, that's perhaps at least part of the reason. Cheers." So, it appears that at least some buyers may be purchasing these caps above retail as a kind of deposit for future purchases - in which case they become free. That isn't to say this is true for all buyers. But perhaps it explains the "trend".
I have been using home made version for 2 years now: Got several monster subwoofer cables jumpers (6 inches long each) take out interconnects, solder the positive and negative together, and plug in all unused inputs. Works great, other IC can be used, of course. Happy listening!