Cardas Cables vs Wireworld Cables

Has anyone done a comparison of the upper end Cardas line vs equally priced Wireworld product. Please include thoughts on: speaker wire, interconnects, and power cables.

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The only thing I look for in power cables is whether they are shielded or not. The idea of using exotic construction to improve high frequency transmission is exactly the opposite of what they should do.

I find WW generally a trade-off. They trade mid-high frequency energy for imaging. If your system is too bright, and not imaging well, they could work for you.

But, as always, I think room acoustics are 100x a better investment than cable swapping.


I have/ had models from both brands over my 40 years in this hobby

Your question is impossible to provide any meaningful reply; in that the audio performance of each brand AND each model within their respective stables, is ENTIRELY system dependent. Each has its own sonic signature.

Until you you actually invest in the the required first step of auditioning a representative sample of contenders and pretenders, you will never know their respective strengths and warts.
I agree with you 100%.   My question is impossible to answer brand specific. Thanks for your reply. Presently I have all upper end Cardas and like any other audiophile, am looking for a better “mouse trap”

+1 Erik. My experience (after 50 yrs of this) is also that "room acoustics are 100x a better investment than cable swapping."

Cables make small differences that may or may not suit your specific setup. An equal investment in room acoustics is almost guaranteed to improve the sound -- unquestionably and markedly -- compared to an untreated room. Even a few hours spent moving speakers and listener, preferably with a measurement mic as well as ears, can pay great dividends.
But to answer the question: when I've tried them (a long time ago), Cardas cables tended towards a smooth sound. The one time I tried WW was recently, and when using a 25' balanced interconnect, I thought they did something odd to the high frequencies.
I agree with above statements 1000%.   Room first.

After everything is sounding good.... swap cables and listen with your ears, your system, in your room.... sorry that's the best I got for ya... 

True.....all cables are system dependent.   Cardas is absolutely no good in my system, whereas Wireworld is excellent.  But that's just my system.   You have to try them in yours.  Also, Audioquest should be auditioned