Cardas cable users

 Is there an improvement going from Quadlink IC to the Golden Reference? Would be between CD and Pre.  Thanks in advance . 
I have my system wired with all Cardas and have had Quadlink as IC’s no speaker cable. I have used Quadlink, Golden Reference and currently Golden Cross between my Ayre C5xe and Pre amp. I had gone from QL to GR and found that although the QL was very revealing on the top end it lacked in bass and somewhat masked the midrange. Although the rest of my system is all GR IC’s s except speaker which is GC. I went to the GR and found it to be a major step in the right direction as it’s presentation solved the short comings of the QL but over emphasized the “digital brightness”. So I tried the Golden Cross and it really seemed to be the perfect fit. But I just received a loaner set of Purist Audio Poseidon to try in the coming week. My motive is that the GC set I have is 2m and due to rearranging components, it is to long. So before I send them (GC) to Cardas for retermination into 2 sets, I thought maybe just buy a new cable altogether. At the recommendation of John at the Cable Company I am trying the Purist Audio from their lending library. Please bear in mind your system may reveal totally different results.

As a side note, the QL has been replaced with the Parsec and I have been told it solved most of the QL concerns.
I originally hooked up with Quadlink, then tried the GR.  Went back to all Quadlink in my system and it was much better.  Not so veiled if I had to pick a word.  And that's between the CD & Pro.  I use it for all my IC's now.  Of course that's my system and me.  Good luck.  -John
Suggest using a demo service. As a 30+ year user of Cardas (several old and new version) and others, recently discovered some of the lower cost Cardas ICs were a better synergy for one of my former systems, particularly with digital content. And, sometimes you can find the magic with mixing too, learned that right from one of the designers first hand :)