Cardas Cab Banana or Furutech FP-202 Banana

Has anyone used Cardas Cab or Furutech FP-202 Banana Plugs and how would you rate them. Is there a better banana plug out there for about the same price.
I had the Cardas CAB on the amp end of my Golden Reference connecting my McIntosh MC402. Great connection and never had a problem. However, I prefer the WBT 0645 mainly for the screw type tightning. Have never used the Furutech but would like to try one of their ac ends on my Cardas GR pc.
i also use cardas CAB at my speaker end of townshend audio DCT isolda speaker cable no problems at all , the wbt connectors are very well made and are protected from shorting by an outer protective shell , the furutech are screw type and are rhodium plated so are the cardas CAB , if you like the rhodium sound go for cardas CAB or furutech , the best plating WBT offer is silver which is measured as the best conductor for electricity unless some one knows anything different , i like all 3 products if your interested in furutech please be patient they have launched a new ncf range which is slowly coming to the market it is all been rhodium plated so far the range may include spades and bananas the top range plugs and iec connectors have now got ncf versions hope this helped 

The Cardas bananas are made from eutectic Brass with Rhdium over Silver plating. Be careful with system synergy as the brass/silver combination can make a very strong solid-state system sound sterile.  These could be good for a very soft or laid-back system.

Ultimately, I think Futurech is superior for metallurgy. The "pure copper" Furutech bananas (CF-202 and FT-212) may have an internal spring to help tension on the banana plug fit. Not sure how this will fit in the speaker binding post as the fit may be somewhat loose (depending).

The Furutech copper alloy bananas are a stiffer material (FP-200B and FP-202). The FP-200B can be flexed open more to provide a tighter fit into the speaker binding post (if needed).

The Furutechs are available in both rhodium and gold plated.