Cardas Audio Service Quality


I am just wondering if any folk here have experienced a decline in service standards at Cardas Audio.

I had good experience with them a couple of years ago but find otherwise now.

I sent in a power cord for retermination into two and sent an initial query towards the end of last year. Granted it was a holiday period but I received a cursory reply only last week with vague answers even though I asked for detailed instructions.

I submitted an online return authorisation with a follow up message but never heard back from anyone and it has been more than 10 days. My tracking information says the cable arrives at Cardas tomorrow but I haven’t been contacted for payment. I am concerned as the friend I sent the cable through is leaving the US and must receive the cable(s) back by late January. So far my follow up queries to, and Brian’s alternative email have been unanswered. Their follow up on correspondence seems to be tardy with vague answers at best.

Perhaps it’s just a small order for them in the big scheme of events but if they didn’t wish to do the retermination, it would have been best for all if they told me at the outset.

If anyone has alternative contacts for them, please let me know.


It isn’t clear just what happened here. Did you obtain the RMA before shipment, and include the RMA authorization on the outside of the package?

You are saying you sent the cable through a friend - perhaps that is from whom the company is expecting correspondence.

Try giving them a call. I have always been able to contact someone at Cardas on the phone.

I have had nothing but good experiences dealing with their service department.

For starters, the RMA process wasn’t clarified to me. I specifically enquired about it but as I said the only reply that came did not mention it at all.

I also asked if the original packaging (which I would have to look for needed to be included) - this was unanswered too.

Their website has a RMA form which you submit online. I did that, obtained the RMA number from there, annotated it on the package and had my friend send it when she got to the US.

Simultaneously, I also sent a message to Cardas detailing the RMA number with explicit instructions - those exact instructions also in the package itself.

This is as much as I can do to be explicitly clear when no reply has been forthcoming from Cardas themselves.

I followed up earlier today with an email detailing the sender of the package, the RMA number again and the ETA of the package from UPS which is tomorrow. I also urged them to contact me as soon as possible to facilitate payment so that work can be done on the cable as soon as possible given the deadline.

I don’t know how much clearer things can be made.

I am in a different time zone so calling isn't really feasible but I will try if I still do not receive a reply from them.
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I have opposite experience. From the time they receive it for retermination to the time I have the tracking# for the return has never exceeded 4 days.
I have only great experiences with Cardas.  See if you can call and speak to someone (Colleen)
I have always had excellent customer service with Cardas - never any problems. Colleen Cardas has been gone for sometime now as :  Angela Cardas is now in charge.  
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