Card Deluxe/Digital Audio Server

i just added my digital audio server with the card deluxe soundcard to my system. i was expecting it to sound good. i was unprepared for HOW good it would sound. the unexpected benefit was an increase in dynamic range throughout. although the spl levels are the same as before i actually have to turn down the volume a bit because it sounds louder, a result of increased dynamice contrast. also got better low-level resolution as a result. i am using the digital out with an aes/ebu interface going to an external dac, the evs millenium 2. the net effect is the same you would expect by getting much more efficient speakers. i am extremely pleased.

i am using foobar with directsound 2 output. the datastream from the PC to the DAC is 24/96.

i am going to tweak my DAS a bit more by shielding the card and the case with TI shield.

i mention this because of all the remarks i have read about using a DAS with a good soundcard i have never seen this remarked upon.
I am curious if you've done any listening with using the analog outputs on the Card Deluxe--basically bypassing the DAC? Also, can you provide specifications on the rest of your PC system (i.e., motherboard, processor, hard drives, RAM memory, etc.)?