Carbon fibre sleeve over existing cabling, incredible

Hi all, I’m a little new to the forum, but it’s facinating to hear the thoughts of others on the great issues and ideas. Just wanting to share my experience with buying some 3k carbon fibre tube, and using it as a cable shielding in my setup. I brought via Ebay some 1/2” 1” 1 ½” tubing ( ), enough to sleeve my speaker cables, interconnects and power cables. I’d heard of CF bring used in aircraft to shield from EMF’s. I’ve no affiliation to the seller of hifi industry other than as consumer/user.
It was a little tricky to fit in general, basically I had to push it onto the cable from one end, pulling it on didn’t work as this word cause the CF to ’shrink’ and grab. The interconnects were easier with the 1”, but a similar install process. And the power cables were a doddle with the 1 ½”, although 1” works well when installed over IEC type plugs that are fairly common place. I wrapped insulation tape around the cut ends of the CF tube, being mindful that CF does conduct electricity, and to watch out for stay ends of CF.
I just sleeved everything and switched the gear back on. Woohoo and wow from top to bottom. Everything improved, a richer 3d sound, the music was sounding so much more intense, I was gob – smacked. Base with more timbre, mids with more life and energy, highs with greater clarity and presence. Farout..... track after track I was basking in immense additional clarity, heading sounds that had previously been in the grey area. I thought I had reasonable equipment, but now I enjoying it all anew.
So, just wondering who has experimented with CF sleeving and if some of you give it a go, just what you notice. I’ve added nothing new to the setup, and the improvement in quality is the most outstanding thing, beyond imagination. Maybe the secret is now out of the bag.
I’m so impressed that I’ve ordered more CF tubing for ethernet and usb cables I have, and enough to share with a friend or two. I’ve also ordered a sheet of CF matt to wrap my preamp with – allowing for sufficient cooling air flow. Crazy? Try it and tell me your thoughts.

Fiber or fibre.....
 I’d heard of CF bring used in aircraft to shield from EMF’s
Not in any aircrafts I've touched, and that's been quite a few. 

Wrapping your cables in carbon fiber will do nothing but aid in draining your wallet. 
Perhaps you’re thinking of Graphene for shielding. Carbon fiber has its own desirable characteristics, which is why exotic supercars use carbon fiber, you know for strength and light weight, e.g., body and wheels.
Geoff -- CF is conductive so would have a shielding effect. I got good results from grounding my CF stands for example (and yes it's easy to test conductivity with a MM)

OP -- as it's conductive be careful how you use it so as not to cause a short

You might also like to try grounding your new cables CF shields -- kind of like the grounds on the current Synergistic cables -- simply tie them all back to a plug only connected at the ground
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Wouldn't have any positive effect on any well made, internally shielded cable. Dumb.
If carbon fiber is good, then carbo-tanium is better. 
Graphene is the new Carbon Fiber. Graphene has the highest conductivity of any material, thus is the best shield. So that’s most likely what a stealth bomber would use to achieve the lowest possible radar cross section.
Recently applied CB sleeves to some cabling of my LG HDTV and seems like the picture is better, more solid colors and higher contrast, especially noticeable on HD broadcasts like the Olympics. I’m waiting for more sleeves to roll in as I underestimated the diameter required a couple of times so I can complete the job. I still need to do the LG HDTV power cord and the antenna wire. I already did the power strip cord, the power cord for the LG Blu Ray player and HDMI cable (Audioquest Carbon, which incidentally is controlled for directionality).
Just did the headphone cable this morning for my Walkman CD player and modded Grados. I’m shocked. And I don’t shock easy.🤠
"Recently applied CB sleeves to some cabling of my LG HDTV ..."


Was the "CB" a typo or something other than a  carbon fiber sleeve?

Obviously it was a typo. You know, Car-Bon, CB. Yeah! 
I wrapped my car's engine hoses with this stuff. Made it faster! Steering is tighter too! I’ve heard it can improve one’s sex life if applied in the right place.
Yeah, we get it. You’re a pseudo skeptic. 
Teleport some over to me and I'll give it a try.

Since you do not agree with what is being discussed in this thread, why do you keep posting infantile comments?

Hint - This is a rhetorical question.
This stuff is conductive. I assume you guys cover this stuff up with a layer of non conductive sleeving. I can’t image leaving it exposed on the exterior of the cables you treat.....
Correct grannyring, however I believe not making contact with the plug ends and using electricans tape or shrink wrap at the ends would work. I'd be interested in others thoughts on the topic.
The stuff is conductive? Of course it’s conductive! That’s why it’s effective. Hel-loo! You obviously have to make sure and seal the ends so as to to create some potential for a short as the little fibers a loose after cutting the sleeve or cloth. Lak is correct, use tape to seal the ends. It’s actually pretty obvious that you have to when you start using the stuff. I use bright yellow tape because it looks cool. 😬There is no reason to cover the carbon fiber sleeves with anything. Oh, also carbon fiber cloth sheets can be draped over the electronics chassis, too, in which case the carbon fiber cloth is grounded. Anyone not see that raise your hand. ✋
Your smart aleck, condescending tone is wearing thin.
Just respond to people in a reasonable, adult fashion.  Not like a 9-year old.
What, no smiley face? Besides, most people guess I’m at least 15. 
I tried the carbon fiber material that was linked in the op’s post and wrapped the ends with painters tape that I had on hand. Had no issues with conductivity. However, I didn’t like the effect they had on a couple of power cables and set of ic’s I put them on. The sound was too dead and uninvolving for my system. 
I know all this folks. I am saying no way I would put this stuff uncovered behind my audio rack touching other treated cords and gear etc. Cover it up folks. I raise my hand on not covering it up with a nice woven non-conductive sleeve. I will cover mine.
It’s doesnt matter if carbon fiber sleeves touch each other or electronics chassis, since the chassis is Ground. As are the connectors. The only thing to fear is fear itself. 😳 Faint heart ne’er won fair maiden. 💃🏻
So you cannot think of instances where all this conductive touching could lead to an issue? A touches B which when moved ended up touching C and causing an issue?

I will cover mine. I also noticed this stuff can shed a tad. Conductive shedding coupled with conductive touching may lead to some kind of unwanted audio baby😊. I prefer protection.
I already said there is an issue with the fibers when you cut the stuff. That’s why you tape the ends. Then there won’t be any shedding.
I built a great sounding USB cable and used this stuff with and without ERS tape to compare. I used it over the data wires only. Nice results. I covered the stuff as I would never want a conductive outer wrap on a finished audio cable.
OK, it’s no crime to cover the stuff. By the way that ERS stuff is bogus, man. One of the worst materials every perpetrated on naive gullible audiophiles. I has to burn all of mine since I could still hear it after I put it in the next room. Made the sound all like wooly and weird, even in small amounts. I admit, I fell for it, too, OK? Talk about expectation bias. Wow!
ERS does indeed work well if used in the right application. I also had bad experiences with it in my gear, but great results used carefully.  
Well, good for you. I don’t have the patience. I spent a day on it in two systems and then burned all the ERS. Was that wrong? It did change, I’ll grant you that.