Carbon Fibre boards for Linn?

Hi there,
can anyone point me to the company that make arm boards and sub chassis for Linns from carbon fibre - i had them in my favourites but the pc crashed!
Thanks Simon
CETech is the name of the company......Looks like they are redoing their website, but they are located in the UK with a USA distributor and can't recall their name.....They make isolation bases and the like along with the LP-12 parts.....
CETECH is where I bought my LP12 sub-chassis from. At that time there was no US distributor, although extremephono sells something similar for a higher cost. I believe it was about 225. including shipping from the UK (good service and fast shipping).
Thanks guys, I knew about cetech - I think it was extreme phono I was looking at - do these things work.
The idea seems sensible but I've found this doesn't always improve the sound.
Cheers Simon
I have one of their shelves out in the garage.......It is an aluminum honeycomb with thin carbon fibre over it and I liked something else better under my amp a few years ago.....The shelf was 19" x 29" x .5" and bet it didn't weigh three pounds, extremely light and stiff......Taking bets it sounds different than the Linn components, but different isn't doesn't mean it sounds any better as only you can decide that.....Give it a try and report back as the price is right and assume you can change it back if you don't like it.....
Belated posting 0n the Cetech,

Got a cetech chassis a while ago and it is imo, one of the cheapest routes to getting really nice sounds from a Sondek.
It really cleans up the bass, seems to focus the frequency range from top to bottom and improves image width/depth and stability no end.
Shame they are of business as I would have liked to try the armboard as well.