Carbon Fiber Vandersteen 5As at CES?

I though this was pretty interesting. Scroll down about halfway and the display plate reads "Carbon Fiber 5A $21,900".
I'm wondering if Richard made the cabinet out of carbon fiber or how he incorporated it in the 5A? Pretty cool. Wonder if it improved the sonics as well.

Carbon Fiber 5A

The wood version Quatro as CES was also supposed to incorporate several sonic, as well as visual, advatages over the stock Quatro according to the Stereophile blog.
Interesting... Although I would have to wonder this- If the 5 series is totally upgradable, then it wouldn't make much sense to scrap the cabinet and make it out of carbon fiber... and that seems like it would make it way, way more expensive.

My guess is that the midrange and possibly midbass drivers are made of carbon fiber-

So cool

Vandersteen himself explains the production process. Go to his website and you can find it under "technical information"
The carbon is supposed to be $4k.