Carbon and silver conductors

Has any body ever heard of using carbon and silver in a power cord,if so is it good or bad.Please explain the sonic difference in copper vs carbon-silver conductors.Carbon being - run and silver +
Carbon and copper are great for audio cables but silver isn't. However, Silver is great for power cables and copper is quite good. I have not played with carbon fiber for power but I know it would tend to starve large amps. Only thing it should do well at is not creating a magnetic feeled that could be picked up by your Audio cables if they are too close and running with power. Maybe others could finish answering your questions.
I think the effect is just to get you to spend more $.
Perhaps Mike Wolff (Wolff Audio)can answer this. He works with carbon and silver wire.
Pull up the Van den Hul webpage for explanations regarding carbon, copper and silver as conductors.
Duane, it is the current running through the cable that causes the magnetic field, not the material of the conductor. cardon conductors also create magenetic fields.
Bob p.
npepinnovations, maybe I typed it wtong. I know that power going through cables creates a magnetic field, I was trying to say that carbon used for electricity tends to creat less of a feild. This is why you use carbon spark plug wires if you have noise on your audio system.

The strength of the magenetic field caused by current is a function of current and rate of change of current, not the material. Carbon is used in automobile ignition circuits for other reasons than prevention of noise (which is caused by the 'static' caused by the sparks at the plugs not by the magnetic field in the ignition wires. The magnetic field in wires of the ignition system is very low because the current is very low, although the voltages are very high. Magnetism caused by current is not lower in Carbon conductors for the same current.
Respectfully, Bob P.
Well back to the question.Is carbon good or bad for power cords?
Now I understand. Sorry. Back to the question? I know first hand that silver makes a great power cable and IMO it works better for that than it does for audio cables. (except when everything is silver including the voice coils)