Caravaggio Phono Stage not mentioned here???

Got some good press at Vinyl Asylum after I reviewed it and a cuppla guys got one.

I was here this A.M to sell my Cinemag and searched for mentions but all I got was a well-deserved kudo for a guy who had a Caravaggio hanging on his wall.

Steve Brown builds'm, one at a time, as the SM Brown Amplifier Co, a company with no website and an e-mail addy you'll have to get at the Asylum.

As the review opens, Steve is a good friend but that shouldn;t take away from the goodness of a shunt-regulated tube power supply, quality parts, adjustable loading and brilliant sound for under $900.
So your just advertising it here, as a favor to a friend?
You reviewed one and you want to help out/
You BOUGHT one, and then reviewed it, and want to help out?
Yes, yes and yes.
Oh, I forgot to ask...amioutaline?