Carada 120" Screen& Sony VPL-HS20

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120” Carada Brilliant White

I must say that being a manufacturer of Industrial Electrical Equipment myself , I’ve become very particular about product design , features , packaging and customer service. David Giles company Carada Inc rates 5 stars in all aspects. During the design phase of my HT I had sent David several e mails with questions regarding sizing, distances, screen material types and he had answered all my concerns with great detail. After my room had been constructed I was ready to place an order. I was vacillating between 134” and 106” and due to wall size and center channel height ended up with 120” diagonal. I emailed David a final time with my request, and I had not heard back from him for a day or so and wanted to get my screen on order. An apologetic response arrived “sorry for the delay but my wife and I were in the hospital delivering our second child” , even during David’s time of great joy he managed to keep customer service in mind ! I placed an order via the web site on a Thursday and my custom screen was in my home on Tuesday! What service , it arrived packed very solidly and was not damaged. Upon unpacking everything was wrapped and protected. The frame quality fit and finish is superb. The screen material was wrinkle free and the process of assembly, install, and final set up was a breeze. It is so simple to construct and hang! I was watching my 120” image in a matter of an hour or so start to finish.

Using a new Sony VPL-HS20 the image contrast, black levels, brightness out of the box are fantastic on the Carada 120” brilliant white screen. My friends come over and can’t believe the set up , image and the experience . Everyone says it is like having a private screening room in your own house. Who needs to go out to the movies when you have better image, better sound and more comfortable environment than the local Cinema Odeon Multiplex down the street!

If you want to improve your family quality time together put in a home theater with a Carada screen. My wife and sons look forward to spending time together watching movies every weekend and my 10 year old loves playing Xbox on a 120” image.

Way to go Carada one of the best kept secrets in Home Theater !
Nice review... Carada responded quickly and friendly to my friend also and these screens are quite a bargain for a large bordered screen.

You have to spend 3-4x the price to get better screen (Vultec Silver Star (depending on your projector, and situation))
read your review- sounds great!
does David Giles have a web site, I will be needing a screen for new HT room I am building, will use DLP projection
Let me know
Can you tell us more about the screen? What was the gain? Was it a pulldown of fixed? Gray or white? Did you audition other screens, and if so, what attracted you to this one?