Cara room simulator

I have been playing with the Cara demo to determine the optimal
listening/speaker placement to obtain as flat as possible freg.response. I've noticed that the graph displays both a "with and without absorbers" line. However, there seems little difference between the two. Am I missing something?
Have you entered any absorbers in your plans?
It has a huge effect on reverberation times, but much less on frequency response. Your perception of the change in frequency will be very great--particularly when you absorb at the first reflection points (notice the simulator doesn't have position as part of simulators--it's a very simple calculation being done there). So you may be missing the difference on the reverberation time graph. We recently did an article on acoustical measurements, you can find it on our resources page which may explain some of this in more detail for you.

I think I will die and go to heaven when CARA allows AutoCAD 3-D file imports. 'Till then, what with the metric conversions, and general klugey interface and remains a curiosity to me.
Hello friends. It has been awhile since I used the CARA demo/tool on the Rives website. I noticed that I cannot locate the link on the Rives website. Has this device gone away? Can someone post a link to this tool OR a similar tool where I can input my room dimensions, etc to come up with suggested speaker, treatment, and listening positions?