car cables for home???

I have been recently told and it does make sense that some of the best and quietest cables are car RCA cables especially Rocford Fosgate the RIOT series RCA,s.These little cables are teflon covered and use 3 wires for each right and left RCA and employ a braiding technique to keep noise floor low and to lower any impedence caused by the magnetic fields thru this design it is supposed to cancel out any interferences by canceling using the magnetic fields in this braiding.They also use 1 copper and 1 silver and 1 dielectric in the braid for each side of the RCA so 6 seperate wires total.Now what makes sense is that they should be quiet due to a car is FULL of electronic interference so they have to be and this someone claims that most of the technology in home cables comes from car audio but I have no idea where this information came from but he has let me have/borrow some of these cables and I have to say I am extremly impreesed with them.I dont believe they are as good as my XLO,s or my Diva audio,s but these sell for ALOT less.So for people on a budget these sound close to my 1000,s of dollar cables well relatively and would be a very nice upgrade.So does anyone have some input or have tried car cables or for that matter any car stuff in their rigs and care to tell what you have observed I have heard of people using car electronic crossovers using ac-dc converters so if you have anything to tell please do.
these sound close to my 1000,s of dollar cables

Don't you hate it when that happens!!
It does tend to make one ponder his finacial reasoning for the purchase of highend cables and thats about all I can say oh and I have some nice cables for sale LOL!!!