Car audio system

Is there a thread to ask about after market systems? I have a 2004 CRV Honda SUV and am interested in a good system.
Focal makes a car version of the Utopia, that looks interesting.

As for amps, I prefer Xtant.

For source unit, I prefer Phatnoise.
How much money do you want to spend? Milbert makes a tube amp for cars, it's basically a Berning EA230, has gotten rave reviews everywhere, but it's pricey.
I bought myself an Alpine 9856 head unit and JL 5 1/4 front speakers (reference line) for my Buick and am more than impressed. The rear spekers are stock. Total cost was $800.00 Phil Brady.
90% of good sound in a car is the installation
10% is the components

Be very wary of car audio dealers claims - None that I have encountered had a clue about audio despite emphatic claims and reputations to the contrary. Always insist on an in-car demo.
Thanks all. I have narrowed the search to an established company that sells Alpine and JL among others.
I think dynaudio used to make speakers for the car and they probably still do. I used JL Audio 12" woofs in my 4Runner with 40/ch Fostgate amp and Alpine head unit. Left the stock tweeters and all other speakers in was a lease. Even with all stock speakers in place plus the stuff I installed, the system kicked butt.
JL Audio makes very good woofers.
Audphile1 - Yes, Dynaudio still make car speaker drivers, and they are among the best, alongside the likes of Morel and Seas

JL subwoofers are OK, but if you've been listening to a REL / Velodyne DD / other high-end sub... don't expect much other than "boom boom"