Car audio of the future ....

All I can think of is how crappy my son's car stereo sounds when he cranks up the bass , and loudness contour and all panels on the car vibrate....
I has a Nissan Maxima with a Bose system and it sounded great .
Yesterday , Nissan sent me a email about a new small car that will
have speakers in a flexible headrest like in a plane , with a speaker
next to each ear . Very good looking car as well .
My Maxima system had 9 Bose 901 drivers and what looked like a Pioneer head
Honda already has it in their Ridgeline line of trucks.
The Bose system on my MKII TTS was very good, the Bang and Olufsen system in my MKIII TTS is terrible- a total waste of material and money.

As pointed out in the article, when you get in an accident, it is going to involve a lot more work besides the body parts.
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I drive a car to get places, and some nice music or an audio book is a nice way to pass the time sitting in stop and go traffic on the way to or from work or coasting down the highway with the cruise on.  

As far as the article in the first post goes, surface-mount exciters have been around for a while, though I've never heard of them being integrated into a car audio system.  Sony has adopted a similar tech with for the audio systems in their OLED TVs, and supposedly those sound very nice for TV speakers, so there could be something to it.

Still, I'm skeptical about how good these systems could sound until I get a chance to hear one myself.  
@elizabeth .
There is nothing like good tunes on a good car stereo on the open road.
Zen is listening to Haydn's "Creation" whilst driving in the Adirondack Mountains .
car audio of the future = whatever system is in that Uber you are riding in!